A Scent of Water

(Children's Stories)

Nowadays there is a belief that the folk tale is more than an ingenious story displaying simple emotions.

Its apparent naivety, and the often illogical nature of events, can work together to produce a world sharply relevant to our own yet rooted within the created logic of the story itself. The eighteen tales in this book have been written from a variety of sources. Some have grown from an idea or theme in a traditional tale; others are concerned with using conventional elements of the folk tale to create an entirely original piece of writing. Illustrated by Alasdair Gray.

A Cuckoo's Nest

(Children's Stories)

This is a book of folk tales from all over Scotland. There have been many such collections before, but a mass of stories tends to destroy the force and flavour which each individual tale had at its first telling.

Here you will find tales of witches and giants, lairds and princesses, wee folk and magicians, as well as some that take a wry look at today's world. They have been selected from the less well-known stories and ballads in a rich oral tradition that was once the main medium of instruction and entertainment. In A Cuckoo's Nest Carl MacDougall, who for many years studies the arts of folk music and the folk tale, has presented twenty-three stories in a style that brings out the infectious appeal of the spoken word. To read them is to discover why the folk tale is still a living art. Illustrated by Barbara Robertson.

Into A Room: Selected Poems of William Soutar


Edited by Carl MacDougall and Douglas Gifford. During his short life, William Soutar (1898-1943) produced poetry in Scots and English of astonishing range and beauty.

Embodying layers of tradition spanning more than five hundred years, his remarkable poetic voice is intimate, affecting, modern and European. This new selection is a bold development of W.R. Aitken's pioneering work, and points to an entirely new way of reading Soutar's poetry. The editors remove the poems from the poet's own restricting categories, and refrain from imposing an arbitrary alternative. the result is a ground-breaking selection which reveals the true scope and vitality of Soutar's poetry. Into a room illustrates the depth and achievement of one of Scotland's greatest poets, and makes his work available afresh to a wider readership.


Here's a few links to some personal resources and enthusiasms. A mixed bag!

Second Hand Books

A collection of second hand book sellers around the world, from Blair Atholl to Botswana. This site can search their stock to find whatever book you are looking for. Very handy.

The Word on the Street

A National Library of Scotland archive of street literature. Look through 300 years of broadsides, the tabloid of their time. Read about the sale of a wife in Edinburgh, suicides, pirates, prostitutes, masons, jacobites and shoemakers. All life is here!

Good Gifts

The Good Gifts Catalogue. Buy someone a hive of bees, a kalashnikov or a hen! These ethical presents are an easy, accessible way to give money to charity and feel like you're getting something out of it.


A folk music site with a huge collection of lyrics, a forum and other bits and bobs.

Arts and Letters Daily

Try this! You never know where it will take you.

Buildings at Risk Register

Run by The Scottish Civic Trust, this is a list of buildings considered to be at risk of dereliction, demolition or other dangers. It lists the contact details for planning permission, owners, vendors, any known activity concerning the building, architects and history.

Tradtional Music and Song Association

The TMSA are an organisation promoting and supporting Scottish music. They run various events and sessions countrywide.


The local information site with pictures, campaigns (such as re-opening Govanhill Baths), events and the latest gossip!

Scottish Walks

An information and advice site for walking in Scotland.

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