Elvis is Dead

(Short Stories)

Elvis is Dead is a book of nineteen short stories written over a period of eight years.

The themes may be serious but there is humour at every turn, musical references abound and throughout there is a lack of sentimentality. "I have always been a great admirer of Carl MacDougall's stories. Stylistically they are very clipped and thematically they are moving and poignant. He is particularly good at dealing with the emotions of people who are trapped, either by marriage or by their own natures, as is shown by "The Lady on Horseback" and "A Soldier's Tale". The stories are set down without any attempt to point to a moral - "this is the way life is" - and the endings are always true to their psychological development. I think he is a real short story writer, a rare breed. He deserves to be very widely known. He is simply a very good writer." IAIN CRICHTON SMITH .

Beloit Fictional Journal

(Short Stories)

A rare collection of short stories from a selection of contemporary Scottish authors:

Alasdair Gray, A.L. Kennedy, George Mackay Brown, James Kelman, Susan Campbell, Iain Chrichton Smith, Alan Spence, Elspeth Davie, Naiomi Mitchison, Rosa Macpherson, Carl MacDougall, John Herdman, Janice Galloway, Duncan Williamson.

The One Legged Tap Dancer

(Short Stories)

A short story of a working class man, trying to earn a living.

"We got twentyfive pence an hour washing dishes; and anything we fancied left on the plates. Mary had four kids and no husband. She was always there before me, working away. Her eldest daughter looked after the kids. Mary was very particular about her work, didn't like the idea of people eating from badly washed plates. She chattered and sang while we worked and I felt I'd got to know her family very well. One Friday she wasn't there. She didn't appear on the Saturday and I worked her Sunday shift, flat rate. On Monday night she looked pale and drawn. I asked what happened. Couldn't get anybody to watch the weans, she said. What about Ellen? Ellen got run over by a motor Friday night. Is she okay? She was buried this afternoon. Lambhill. She put the plate on the rack, wiped her hands on her apron and faced me. The polis have still got her clothes, she said. Do you think if I asked them they'd give me the shoes? They might fit wee Mary."


(Short Stories)

A booklet published in 1979 by Pavement Press in Fife featuring six short stories:

Mrs Bernstein, Through the Sylvan Gloom I Wander Day and Night, A Goitre At Her Neck, Honeysuckle, A Sunny Day in Glasgow Long Ago, and Wednesday, 2.30am.


(Short Stories)

This is the first of a series of booklets planned with Perjink Press. This booklet features six short stories:

Angels, 14, Parvis Componere Magna: The Bunnet, Abracadabra, Mozzarella Shavings, and Gaberlunzie.

Glasgow's Glasgow: The Words and the Stones


A fascinating, colourful book written to accompany the exhibition of the same name.

Illustrated by Willie Rodger.

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